Finx Pay


Easy loan matching for small businesses

Nearly 73% of SMEs who apply for business loans are rejected because of poor credit records.

Business owners with no or low credit scores are denied financing

Getting your ideal loan can be a confusing mess

With over 100 licensed SME lenders, businesses are often unclear of loan options. Many send out too many applications to lenders that may not fit their financing needs best which affects their credit worthiness.

Lenders track your spend in real time, so they have the confidence to provide you better terms with funding from small business loans to long-term working capital loans.

Get connected to our large network of SME lenders and loan brokers at the best interest rates and terms, all with one digital application.

Solve each of your team's needs

Employee Expense

With Finx Pay, your employees simply pay with their dedicated card and snap the receipt with the mobile app for easy reconciliation. Smart, trackable spending - built for finance teams.

Advertising & Marketing

Control your paid marketing budgets with our virtual cards and track spending across all channels with our single dashboard.

Operational Costs

Handle general expenses with complete control and visibility.

Subscription Management

Gain better visibility of your online spending by managing all subscriptions on our dashboard.

Invoice Management

Digitally process, approve and pay invoices.

Business Travel Spending

Book work trips, track employee travel expenses and automate expense reports.

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