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Commonly Asked Questions

  • Many companies struggle to keep track of their expenses due to manual processes that only monitor expenditure post-spend
  • Lack of control and visibility leads to overspending, fraud and violation of regulations, not forgetting that these processes are time consuming and limit productivity
  • Finx Pay is a spend management platform with corporate cards offering tailored to help companies have control and visibility over their expenditure
  • Control: You’ll be able to set rules and budget for spending at your company, team and even employee level; research shows that this tactic can provide up to 30% cost savings
  • Visibility: Real-time analytics of company’s spending; always know where your money is going and what it is being used for
  • Hassle-free: No more reimbursements, paper receipts and manual reconciliations; research shows that this can help save between 30 mins – 2 hours per employee per month
  • Provides a corporate card solution to companies unserved by banks
  • Easy onboarding where we offer a simple online application
  • One-stop shop integrated software suite that makes spend control, expense management, accounting, and budgeting easy

Please refer to our pricing page here for more details

Pricing Fees

Please refer to our pricing page here for more details

Flat, we charge you at cost as charged to us by our network.

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