Finx Pay

Transform Your Business with Finx Pay's
Spending and Expense Management Solution

Unified spend management software platform for corporate cards, bill pay, accounting automation, and real-time reporting.

0% fees for local and foreign payments

Finx Pay is the easy way to request, approve, and
track company spending in real-time.

Add Employees & Set Rules

Give every expense an owner with a spend request and approval process

Control Spending

Make all types of payments your business needs via our cards or invoice payment feature directly to your vendors’ bank accounts

Automate Accounting

View spend by department, employee, team, or vendor in real-time. See company spend as it happens.

Finx Pay Key Features

Here are some of the ways we help you implement spend controls and gain insight into purchasing and financial information.



Budget Tracking



Spend Analytics &

Mobile Request,
Approve, Receive


Flexible User

Provide virtual cards for online purchases and physical cards for real life

Improve spend management across physical and virtual payment options.

Digitize every invoice. Save time. Save money. Save paper.

Collect invoices via email, file upload, or through vendor portals.

Finx Pay integrates with your accounting software

It’s time to complete your financial controls, and get the right tools for the job. Finx Pay enhances your existing accounting systems. Gain proactive control with customizable approvals, and organize all your purchasing workflows.

Why Finx Pay

We're Changing the Way Organizations Make Purchases

Who We Are

Finx Pay was founded on the belief that technology will enable CFOs and their teams to shift from completing repetitive tasks to proactively interpreting their companies’ financial data in real time and spending more time for identifying opportunities.

Our Mission

To deliver effective and handy procurement solutions to small and midsized businesses and to inspire leaders who are ready to take finance to the next level. We are about Collaboration, Innovation, Insight as well as Effortless and Paperless Efficiency.

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